Liyah Jammeh, Episode 26 – How Travel Can Help You Find Divine Alignment

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About This Episode:

Liyah Jammeh, entrepreneur, and manifestation goddess tells how she shook off the life expected of her growing up in Sweden so she could find herself in the city of New York.

Mindset is everything and this uplifting episode is full of those little travel treasures that guide you toward Divine Alignment.

About Liyah Jammeh:

Liyah Jammeh, an entrepreneur, world traveler, business owner, and a big believer in manifestation started her traveling journey at the age of 14. London was her very first stop but not the last, to say the least. Being a Swede, it’s very common that you start traveling within Europe at a very young age. She’s been all over Europe, Scandinavia to  Thailand and Africa, Gambia where her heritage resides. 

 Working along with entrepreneurs who invented different festivals and events, gave her experience with people who were traveling from all over the world. This made her very curious about different cultures and traditions, which made her make a life change decision.

In 2012 Liyah moved to NYC to study fashion management and interior design.  Her drive to continuously grow didn’t stop in NYC and in 2018 she moved to LA California where she started her herbal supplement company Divine Alignment.

For the past year she has been traveling all around the world from Mexico to Spain, Cyprus, to Turkey to explore and to grow, and live anything but the mediocre life.

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