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Peru Retreat 2023

Sacred Valley, Peru

Join us for the rescheduled date on Aug 1-6th, 2023 in the sacred lands of Peru. Click here to join now!!!

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Imagine THIS…

You wake up in the morning with the sounds of the ocean and jungle outside your window. Your soft sheets and fluffy bed invite you to stay longer… So you do! Because, you can. Eventually you roll out of bed knowing that a day full of excitement awaits. You take a magical yoga, meditation and healing class as you gaze out at the turquoise sea and just as you finish your most relaxing savasana your belly starts to growl…

After you finish the most colorful breakfast you’ve ever eaten you get ready for the day.

Will you chill by the infinity pool? Hike through the jungle? Cliff jump off a waterfall? Receive reiki healing or an akashic records reading? Talk with your new friends? Read? Join in on a karma yoga project for the local children?

These are just a few of the endless possibilities that await you when you join one of our accelerated healing retreats.

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What you don’t want to have happen is more of the same…

Stuck in the same routine…
With the same job, people and experiences…
Feeling that nothing exciting ever happens…
Unsure how to go out and meet new people or have a grand adventure…
“I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation…”
“Self care? What does that mean?”

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Hi! I’m Myla!

The first part you read is what I get to experience all the time! Adventure, community, new experiences and a feeling of freedom and expansion. It honestly wasn’t always like that. For years I had a mindset that i didn’t have enough time and money to travel. I went about my days and they all started to blend together because most days looked almost the exact same. I had a routine with work, friends, what I did when i got home, etc. and “adventure” was far from how I would describe my life. In 2014 I decided I needed more. I was so wrapped up in my routine that my love for adventure got pushed aside. I saw others having what looked to me like magical experiences and I felt the need to get me some of that! Were the photos I was seeing of others truly that amazing? Were the pictures I found myself fantasizing over really that pretty? There was only one way to find out…  I needed to get out and see the world- immediately!

Taking the leap to do a solo trip in Thailand changed me forever…

The first part you read is what I get to experience all the time! Adventure, and it’s a place in my life I will never forget. I didn’t realize the unbelievable power that traveling held and how nurturing it was for my soul. Every single problem i had back home suddenly seemed small and insignificant. The culture and beauty around me constantly took my breath away. I did yoga, danced, and met people who changed my life. I healed from my past and let the wind and water take away so much I was carrying around and didn’t even realize was there. This journey wasn’t like the photos I stared at all the time- it was better. It was real. It was my life, my experience and I wasn’t about to let it become a “one time thing.” The only way i can describe what i felt and saw… I was literally filled with magic.

My best friend Lauren and I began hosting accelerated healing retreats across the globe…

… Thailand, Nicaragua, Greece, Bali and California to name a few! It is our goal to create a space where others can experience a sense of freedom and self expression. Our retreats help shed layers of what no longer serves us. Each retreat is unique and focused on a different theme. We always incorporate yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki, community and adventure.

PAST Retreats

Awaken the Healer Within

Date: March 3 – March 9, 2019 / Location: Ubud, Bali

Unplug yourself and recharge your soul in the lush Forest of Ubud, Bali. This 6-night retreat has you covered in all aspects of healing. Myla and Lauren have created a unique combination of Yoga, Reiki and Akashic Records readings. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your higher mind and the universal flow within us all.

You’re Adventure Awaits!

Location: Greece

Watch this video of our recent yoga and healing retreat in Amorgos, Greece! Your sure to feel all the feels!

Celebrate Your Greatness

Location: Thailand

Watch as Myla, Lauren and their tribe create the yoga retreat of a lifetime in Koh Samui, Thailand!

Let’s Book Your Spot!

To book Myla and her team for a workshop, retreat or private event please fill out the contact form. Course options include but are not limited to: yoga and fitness: training, certifications and audits. Breath work, meditation, reiki attunements, akashic records, chakras, bootcamps and more! Please feel free to reach out with your own unique ideas and allow our team to bring them to life!


Scotty Hsieh

Dance Teacher

It was amazing.

I had so much fun.

Myla and Lauren brought such an amazing experience that uplifted my soul.

Joseph Fiorello

I had such a wonderful and amazing experience with Myla in Koh Samui Thailand. This retreat was exactly what I needed to reset my mind and body. Each morning started off with a yoga class overlooking the beautiful oceans of Thailand followed by a delicious organic breakfast. Myla lead us through various styles of Yoga practices, Reiki, and breath work throughout our time together. Myla is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable yogi and I can’t wait to go on another retreat with her. If you have the opportunity to go on one of her retreats I highly suggest you do so, you won’t be disappointed.

Pia Cantelmo

I went on a yoga retreat in Greece with Myla in 2019 and had an amazing time! It was clear how much effort she put into making the experience unforgettable for everybody involved. She co-led the retreat with Lauren, and they designed the retreat to have 2 yoga sessions per day where each session had a unique theme connected to a Greek god with a curated playlist to match the theme. They eloquently narrated each session so well that I was continuously left with new ways of thinking about life and how to live (I even have several of their quotes written on a note in my phone as a reminder). They were both incredibly creative, supportive, welcoming, and helpful throughout the entire retreat. I highly recommend Myla and her ability to help people master their magic Thanks for a wonderful experience, Myla!


Myla and Lauren’s yoga/meditation/healing retreat this past summer in Greece was a remarkable experience and the beginning of my journey towards self-discovery, healing, and transformation. With their guidance, I have gained more awareness of my underlying fears, doubts, and worries and now have greater clarity and control over my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Myla and Lauren each bring their own unique style to their yoga classes and together they are truly a magnificent force. I am beyond grateful to have been invited to be a part of this transformational journey and can’t thank them enough for all their support, encouragement, and for empowering me to trust my own intuitive voice!

Katie Battistoni

Yoga Studio Manager

If you do not believe in magic than you have not met Myla Ivers. Back in April 2017 I had the privilege of attending Myla’s yoga retreat in Thailand. My life was forever changed. She led us through a week of Chakra Balancing yoga classes over the oceans of beautiful Ko Samui. This healing experience exceeded my expectations. Not only through physical yoga classes, but her one on one Reiki sessions, mind expanding insight on my personal journey, and emotional conversations that heal the soul. I can only describe this experience as being high off energy. I can’t wait for the next one

Jazmine May Graza

Video Brand Coach at LifeByJazz

Lauren & Myla are the yin and yang – the detox to retox experience you want and don’t even know how to ask for because it’s such a game changer.

After going to Nicaragua with L & M, the bar of how I travel is now set higher – with every activity the intention to transform was thought out with deep love and creativity. If you’re reading this – Don’t think, just GO!

Joseph Zen

Owner of Acupuncture and Herbs

I went on a spiritual retreat with Myla and realized what a pure heart she has.  She taught me a lot of yoga and did some great energy work on me. Her reiki work is fantastic and very soothing!  She has great hands of light for healing! I highly recommend her with healing work!

Pei Yuan

Stunt Woman/Actress/Martial Artist

Myla and Lauren really put in a lot of heart, energy and time to each class that we did in Greece. Every class was dedicated to a Greek God and had a theme! It was such an amazing experience to do yoga in such a beautiful resort, with breath taking views. I made such special connections with new friends, old friends and with myself. I don’t ever want to miss any retreats they go on because they sure know how to create a life changing experience!