Duncan Siscon/Facisha Farce, Episode 25 – Traveling With Their Greatest Secret

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About This Episode:

Drag Queen and stage performer Duncan Siscon/Facisha Farce tell their story about leaving behind everything they knew to travel with a great secret all the way to Peru.

Episode 25 will give you all the feels as you find yourself entangled in their tale about finding who they are, coming out, and the trek across Peru that ignited it all.

About Duncan Siscon/Facisha Farce:

Duncan Siscon is also known as Facisha Farce is a drag queen, clown, host, and event producer settled in Los Angeles California.

They have produced, performed in, and hosted shows at large events such as Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Country Fair, Oregon Eclipse, Electric Forest, Lost Lands, and Hulaween. Duncan is passionate about bringing queer art and representation to any and all spaces.

They also act as a consultant for the trans founded and lead nonprofit Transponder which connects the community to probono lawyers for legal document changes, assists in finding trans-friendly doctors and medical professionals, as well as hosting community events for trans individuals.    

When Duncan is not working you can find them surfing their day away at the beach or skating on the boardwalk with their loving partner. To connect with Duncan or book Facisha you can find them at @facisha_farce on Instagram or reach out through email to booking.facisha@gmail.com

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