Sarah Foley, Episode 13- How to Become Vertical When Life Flips You Upsidedown

Meeting Sarah Foley was one of those goosebumps moments and in this episode, I’m sure you’ll understand why.

An adventure through Utah with her boyfriend took an unexpected turn when she flipped her ATV and heard the crunch of her spine as it landed on top of her.

Her story and how she became Vertical Blonde is truly one of the most transformational travel stories I’ve ever heard in my life.

For anyone who feels limited in their body or life’s circumstances listen to this episode and get inspired.

Sarah shows how when life flips you upside down you have a chance to rebuild and reinvent the way you see the world. 

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Meet Sarah Foley

Sarah Foley, also known as Vertical Blonde, is a speaker and life coach and runs Disability Icon Inclusive Fitness, designed to help female wheelchair users like herself increase their health and confidence. She’s on a mission to redefine what it looks like to live with a disability and loves empowering others to view their circumstances with a Vertical Mindset. Her biggest passion is to help women feel seen and empowered for the women they are, not based on any box society has put them in such as disability, race, or background. This is full inclusion!  

Her incredible story of reinvention is featured in the recent best-selling book, Your Second Act by Patricia Heaton. Sarah has also been a guest on the Tony Robbins Podcast, the Mel Robbins Show, the Resilient Minds Podcast, and many others. Her 2020 ReVision workshop was a huge success and the follow-up, ICONfidence, has sold out!

You can find Sarah on Instagram @VerticalBlonde and

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