Hi! I’m Myla!

I am a transformative coach and blogger with a passion for creating change inside so you can easily create everything you want outside.

I love to swap stories on my podcast, Master Your Magic, with magical humans around the world who have experienced incredible travel + transformations. Travel is a key component of what I do and I would not be where I am today without it. I truly believe the secret to staying young and happy is to play and get out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

If you want a taste of all that I do and to travel the world with me, hop in on one of my international retreats! The retreats are hosted at eclectic spiritual centers and boutique hotels around the world. Every retreat is a beautiful blend of spiritual transformation, yoga, and (of course) adventure!

Master Your Magic is on a mission to mentor millennials to swap fear and confusion for clarity and empowerment. I believe everyone, no matter where you are starting from, has the ability to manifest a life that feels like magic.

Some fun facts about me…

  • I LOVE nature and tend to magnetize toward the water, so, if you love the tropics you will feel right at home here. For me, being near the water creates a feeling of balance and helps me connect to my higher self.
  • I am an advanced certified akashic records practitioner, reiki master, yoga teacher/teacher trainer since 2006, and expert on the chakras. I geek out on spiritual transformation and transformative coaching, so hit me up if you want a reading or just to nerd out with me!
  • Cancer sun, Libra moon, Gemini rising. Lucky me 😉
  • I lived on a boat in 2007 and sailed to 13 countries in 3 months. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean and at one point I hadn’t seen land for 21 days. It was such an adventure!
  • I have two cats that I adore, Flake and Ninja. Ninja thinks my apartment is his own personal jungle, Flake just wants snugs and to be left alone by Ninja… not sure that will ever happen!
  • I LOVE the smell of Jasmine and rosemary.
  • Pizza dipped in ranch dressing makes me happy.
  • My bed is so fluffy and feels like it belongs in a luxury hotel. My dad always said if you spend money on anything it should be nice sheets and a comfy mattress!


that mentors millennials around the world to master their authority and build confidence so they can create a life that feels like magic.

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