Lizz Henderson Ep. 14

Documentary filmmaker, Lizz Henderson, shows us that going after your dreams- no matter how many obstacles stand in the way is totally possible. For anyone who has ever felt stuck in their current life or overwhelmed by the fast paced city grind, this episode is for you! We dive deep into Lizz and her family’s dream of saving the planet and helping spread the word as they uproot their life in LA to travel the globe and find the (literally) heroes of nature. Her journey is just getting started and is such a beautiful beginning, I can’t wait to share it all with you in today’s episode!

Connect with Lizz

Lizz Henderson is a writer, filmmaker and nature advocate. Her and her husband, Rich  have been making indie films and tv shows for over 15 years in Los Angeles. Their indie  production company – Dancing Silly Productions – is about to embark on their biggest  mission yet- a nature documentary. 

In 1 week -Lizz, Rich, their 9 yr old son, Brixton, their best friend Will. and their dog,  Dude- will all be uprooting their lives from Los Angeles, CA and becoming nomadic  filmmakers, shooting a weekly vlog on YouTube about the making of their documentary,  finding Nature’s Heroes. Finding Nature’s Heroes will highlight people who are giving all  their time, energy and resources to saving our Mother Earth. The documentary will shed  light on our heroes stories and missions, and bring awareness to their causes and how  we can help. 

The FNH team will be Leaving LA in an RV on Aug 1st, and traveling 37 days in the US  looking for Heroes of Nature. From there they will fly to Costa Rica and spend 3 months  in Central America shooting. 

Please help them help nature, by spreading the word, by subscribing to their youtube  channel:–1QEWZqdTfwDQr1nQ/featured

If you want to help in a very real way they have a  Plumfund:


GoFundMe account:

Instagram: @dancingsillyproductions

Their mission is fueled by their friends, donors, affiliates and sponsors. They get to do  what they love everyday because of their loyal fans, and they would love for you to jump  on the Finding Nature’s Heroes train, and come along on their fight to save nature!! 

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