Master Your Akashic Records

What if you had…

  • WHAT IF…. you had absolute clarity in ALL areas of life so you no longer feel like a hamster on a wheel repeating the same patterns over and over…
  • WHAT IF… you had the tools to release blockages and clear past karma that is holding you back…
  • WHAT IF…. you could finally have a higher level perspective on EXACTLY how to reach your goals so that you could live the abundant and exciting life of your dreams…
  • WHAT IF… you had the ability to hold space from a soul-level perspective for your loved ones when life feels chaotic and making decisions feels overwhelming…

without reading books, paying a ton of money for an akashic records crash course, or gathering pieces of information on your own that never seem to work??

Here’s the Problem…

Here’s how most people try and learn to read the akashic records:

  • They swing blindly in the dark and rarely get anything that sticks.
  • They buy books on the records but don’t have a mentor to help them go deeper.
  • They seek advice from Google and work to solve a never ending puzzle of information.
  • They ask their tarot cards and only get so far.
  • Once in a blue moon, they have total clarity but it never seems to last.
  • They know they have a gift and long to share it with others but the depth they long for just isn’t there..

Eventually, these people get frustrated and often give up on learning to read the akashic records.

The akashic records are your birthright!

Everyone deserves to have clarity when life throws a curveball and should they desire to learn, have access to them at this point in time.

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

akashic records

Hi, I’m Myla

Hi! I’m Myla, and with the help of the Akashic Records, I founded Master Your Magic in 2018. I know exactly how it feels to stumble through life without any direction or conviction as to why you are here. There is nothing worse than seeing others living the life you (secretly) desire and having zero idea how to get there. It can inwardly crush you. It can cause you to just settle for what’s in front of you and “make the best” with what you have, instead of admitting that you truly want more.

I was an expert at dreaming up the perfect life, but…

I quickly learned that without clarity and guidance from my higher self my “dream life” would always be just that- a dream.

When I found and began to work within the Akashic Records that’s when my entire life completely changed. I quickly began to understand my trauma through a soul-level perspective and was able to dive MUCH deeper into the higher planes of energy I was so fascinated by. Within the records, I received incredibly personal and detailed counsel from a timeless energetic team that had been with me throughout much more than just this life.

In the 5+ years, I have been reading the Akashic Records for myself and others I have truly found a streamlined path to understanding the beautiful unfoldment of why we are here. I have a thriving business of clients that are 90% referral based. There is no limit to how deep the records go and once you have access to them it can allow you to create a life without limitations.

Through the Akashic Records, I was able to turn my passion for guiding others to be their own healer, intuitive, and empowered leader into a brand- Master Your Magic. I truly believe all the answers are within and this is how the Master Your Akashic Records Program was formed!

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Who I work with…

I have found that my 4 week mentorship works best for these four groups of people:

  • Spiritually driven people who are in dire need of a tune-up in life. You have been trying to go about it on your own and you just aren’t getting the results you want.
  • Anyone seeking access to the akashic records. Maybe you have tried and failed before, the universe is guiding you toward opening your records right now in life or you are ready to dive deeper into your own spiritual journey and finally uncover the missing pieces.
  • People looking to read the akashic records for others. You understand the need for this type of work and are ready to share your gifts with the world.
  • People who need to shed the weight from the past, get guidance and clarity on present-day issues and a road map of how EXACTLY to transform their future.

Why I’m different…

  • I have been a spiritual coach and mentor since 2006 and have worked with all different types of people and personal issues. Everyone has a unique blueprint in the akasha and I am here to help you understand and navigate it!
  • I’ll teach you how to develop your confidence in the records, and empower you to become the
    highest version of yourself. Together we will overcome your mental blocks so you can receive information with trust and clarity.
  • I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and spiritual transformation.
  • Most of my clients are through referrals. Once you understand the magic of the akashic records and how much it helps it is only natural to want to share the experience with your friends and family.
  • The information in the records is incredibly personal and no two readings are the same. If you are looking for inner healing AND tangible results, this is the place to be!

How it Works

When you sign up for the Master Your Akashic Records Mentorship you will be participating in the program partially on your own, through Slack and over live group meetings via Zoom.

Each week is broken up into 4 different categories to help you access the records, support your growth inside the records, read for others and eventually master your records.

During the week you will have a self-paced course with slides, audio recordings, and homework to support you in understanding and growing within your records. You can expect around 2-3 hours of work per week depending on how much time you choose to invest.

Each week we will meet for a live group call over Zoom for about 2 hours. This is to go over everything you learned on your own the week before. This is a time to ask questions and share insights and experiences with the rest of the group.

In week 3 you will be learning to read for others. Have no fear! This is a safe space to play and a great community to practice what you are learning.

Slack is a way for you to connect with others inside the group. You can ask questions when you feel stuck and set up a time to practice reading for others should you wish to do so. You might think to yourself, I only want to read for myself, and that is completely fine. However, reading for others is one of the ways I learned to go deeper inside my own records and has helped me tremendously over the years to learn about the world and others.

How it Works….

    ● House keeping and what to expect
    ● Intro to the akashic records
    ● History and notable leaders
    ● Rules and regulations
    ● How to use the records
    ● What to expect once the records are open
    ● What kinds of questions to ask
    ● Different ways to access the records
    ● How your receive your records
    ● Trusting yourself and your records
    ● The difference between psychic, intuition, gut feeling and akashic
    ● How to prepare before and after your reading
    ● How to open the akashic records
    ● How to use the records to heal
    ● Change the past in the records
    ● Self acceptance and non judgement
    ● Reading for your home, pet or nature
    ● Uncover your purpose
    ● Heal Relationships
    ● Health and wellness in the records
    ● Advance your career and business
    ● Spirituality and the nature of your soul
    ● Karmic Pattern
    ● Transform Your Life Path
    ● Accessing different dimensions
    ● Roles and responsibilities
    ● Holding space
    ● What to expect when reading for someone else
    ● How to guide a reading
    ● How to read for some one else
    ● How to host group readings
    ● Write your own akashic records prayer
    ● Advancing in the akashic records
    ● Where to go from here

“Myla was my lead coach of a life changing program.”

Immediately, I was drawn to her warm, positive energy and awed by her extensive knowledge and experience, her courage, patience, and her unflinching motivation.

Under Myla’s expert guidance, the program far surpassed my expectations and I signed up without hesitation for the follow-up course, which she also leads. The two programs totaled 13 weeks, but Myla could’ve lead for 100 more.

I feel deeply honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her.”

Grace Tame, @tamepunk

“I was immediately drawn to myla when I met her as my coach in a 8 week program

She has an incredible energy and aura about her that makes you feel comfortable, safe and protected. In one simple word, she is: Magic.

Myla has opened the door for me to many different paths. Yoga, energy work and overall, being less hard on myself. When I’m around her, I don’t feel the urge to question everything and am able to open up my heart and mind to different things.

She helps me see things that I would otherwise question. Myla
remains one of my favorite people. Her yoga classes are my absolute favorite. She truly sees you- She is quite simply, a magical being.

– Erica Ferlito, @ericaferocious

“Myla has been an immensely influential and inspirational force in my life”

Her simple approach to wellness has had a profound impact on cultivating my own personal transformation.

I have had the pleasure of sharing in many of Myla’s gifts/modalities from yoga teacher training, to Reiki healing and reading my Akashic Records.

From breakthrough to setback, Myla’s approach offers clear and concise insight into the truths that are present within each milestone of the journey.

Most of all, Myla continues to guide me toward standing firm in my own personal power, and reminds me that through self-care and responsibility comes the fruition of my wildest dreams. To me, that is REAL MAGIC!

Estevan Valdez, @ometeotl.healingk

Master Your Akashic Records

Master Your Akashic Records is a 4-week, high-touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you navigate your records with ease, learn to read for others, and gain absolute clarity so you can transform your life and the world around you.

You will receive:

  • 4x weekly Live group coaching calls
  • 4 weeks of detailed curriculum
  • weekly training videos
  • daily support via slack
  • The akashic records journal book
  • Homework to support your journey
  • A spiritually driven community to dive deeper with
  • Bonus material on the akasha 

Master Your Akashic Records Dates & Times:

  • You will be given access to week one material on January 21, 2023 so you can begin your journey and prep for our first live call together.
  • Each week (on Saturday) new material will be dropped to prepare you for the next live call and help you dive deeper into your records.
  • Live calls begin January 28th, February 4th, 11th, and 18th from 9-11:30 am PST and will be held over Zoom.
  • Slack will be available during the week to share insights, ask questions and receive customer support within a 24 hour period.
  • Slack support will be available beginning January 21 and end Feb 25th, giving you 2 extra weeks to dive in and connect!

Master Your Akashic Records Payment Options

Price $999

Price if paid in full $777

This is the ONLY time you will receive this course at this price and the ONLY time you will receive LIVE lectures in a group setting on the Akashic Records. This is incredibly valuable when learning to access the records, don’t miss this opportunity!

Ready to work together…

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This work is incredibly deep, personal, and transformative. For this reason, we will be keeping the group intimate. First come first serve!

If you are ready to have access to the blueprint of your soul and release the patterns that are no longer serving you…

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It is time to meet the highest version of yourself.