Grace Tame


Myla was my lead coach of a life changing yoga program. Immediately, I was drawn to her warm, positive energy and awed by her extensive knowledge and experience, her courage, patience, and her unflinching motivation. Under Myla’s expert guidance, the program far surpassed my expectations and I signed up without hesitation for the follow-up course, which she also leads. The two programs totaled 13 weeks, but Myla could’ve lead for 100 more. I feel deeply honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her.

Erica Ferlito

I was immediately drawn to Myla when i met her as my coach in a 8 week yoga program. She has an incredible energy and aura about her that makes you feel comfortable, safe and protected. In one simple word, she is: Magic. Myla has opened the door for me to many different paths. Yoga, energy work and overall, being less hard on myself. When I’m around her, I don’t feel the urge to question everything and am able to open up my heart and mind to different things. She helps me see things that I would otherwise question. Myla remains one of my favorite people. Her yoga classes are my absolute favorite. She truly sees you- She is quite simply, a magical being.

Brittany Gonzales

Dance Artist

Myla has been one of the biggest influencers and inspirations in my personal growth and transformation. She exudes a radiance that is healing, comforting, confident, and compassionate; she brings this radiance into whatever she does. I have had the immense pleasure of working closely with Myla in yoga, breathwork, meditation, psychic readings, akashic records readings, tarot readings, Reiki healing, and more. Myla has been the perfect coach, big sister and mentor that helped me open up the door to my own magic that I knew was there all along, but had been too afraid to turn the knob for myself. It has in turn, led me down a beautiful, spiritual path of self-discovery, love, and improvement. Myla has a knack for teaching, and also has this way of making you feel like you are invincible! She will guide you towards opening your eyes (your third eye as well) to see that you can absolutely accomplish anything your heart desires!

Estevan Valdes

Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Myla has been an immensely influential and inspirational force in my life. Her simple approach to wellness has had a profound impact on cultivating my own personal transformation. I have had the pleasure of sharing in many of Myla’s gifts/modalities from yoga teacher training, to Reiki healing and reading my Akashic Records. From breakthrough to setback, Myla’s approach offers clear and concise insight into the truths that are present within each milestone of the journey. Most of all, Myla continues to guide me toward standing firm in my own personal power, and reminds me that through self-care and responsibility comes the fruition of my wildest dreams. To me, that is REAL MAGIC!

Sara Williams


Myla has a gift. She did my first Akashic Records reading and she casted a beautiful energy immediately. She guided me through the experience and left me with insights I still think about every single day. I can’t wait to work with her further in the future.

Dr. Iris Williams


I cannot say enough great things about Myla and her work. Her healing power was evident when I first met her years ago teaching yoga. She is wise beyond her years and very dedicated to expanding her reach to help the world heal. Her intuition is spot on and the specificity of details in the readings are far beyond anything else I have ever experienced with any other healers.  Myla helped me clear ancestral and karmic issues that were manifesting in my family through an Akashic records reading. Miracles are happening with the guidance I received.