Sarah Williams Ep. 17

In this – edge of your seat the entire time – episode, Sarah Williams lets us into her inner world of what it takes to push yourself to the limits when traveling to remote destinations that are untouched by the rest of the world. Not only is she capturing these moments on camera, but doing it while facing darkness and death, literally. This episode simply couldn’t be shared in a 60 minute time frame and I know you will get as much out of her life lessons and harrowing adventures as I did. 

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Meet Sarah Williams

“Sarah believes that our connection to nature is vital, so she set out to capture the ways in which people discover and strengthen that relationship.” 

Sarah has spent much time chasing life experiences over a traditional career path. She spent one month alone walking the ridges of the Sierra Nevada, one week marooned in the pitch black cave with no food, water, or light, 5 months solo backpacking 1,800 miles through the New Zealand wilderness, and most recently spent 21 days in the isolated Alaska Range climbing her way to the top of the tallest mountain in North America— Denali. She photographically documents every aspect of these pursuits in hopes that sharing stories will inspire people to similarly explore their relationship to nature, society, and themselves. In the fall of 2019 Sarah co-founded AdventureFit— a company who aims to inspire, educate, and guide individuals in a group setting to overcome nature challenges. 

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