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How To Balance The Earth Star Chakra For Spiritual Travelers

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The earth star chakra is important for spiritual travelers as it helps us ground ourselves and connect with the earth’s energy.

Traveling spiritually is like stepping into the unknown and those who have a strong earth star connection can more easily take on the unexpected so they can focus on the journey ahead.

In this post, you will learn all about how to balance earth star chakra, earth star chakra symbol, earth star chakra crystal, earth star chakra affirmation, earth star chakra opening symptoms, earth star chakra colors, earth star chakra activation, and earth star chakra blockage.

This post is all about the earth star chakra.

The Earth Star Chakra

This chakra is important for any spiritual traveler as it not only increases our connection directly to the planet but also makes us more aware as we travel.

This chakra is located 12 inches below the feet and in Sanskrit is called Vasundhara. This means daughter of the earth.

It is our direct link to what was before us. That includes past lives, ancestors, karmic bonds, history, ties to nature, plants, and all species. Pretty fascinating, right?

What that means is you have everything you need when you are connected to the earth. Not only will it provide for you materially, but emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Imagine having such a deep open connection that you always feel grounded in. The life force that feeds the entire planet can easily bring all your other chakras into balance. The roots and stems you have laid before you many lifetimes ago are accessible. Your soul and human self do not feel separate, they are one unit working together to help Mother Earth in whatever way makes you special and unique.

We all came to Earth with attributes that make us who we are. These special gifts can get distorted, lost, and confused when there is not connected to the earth’s star chakra.

There are a great many ways for you to begin working with this chakra. Follow your footsteps and your heart, they know the way.

The easiest way to get to know this chakra is to begin spending time with the planet.

Earth Star Chakra Symbol

Earth star chakra

The symbol of this gorgeous chakra looks like a Merkaba, otherwise known as a tetrahedron. It is maroon, brown, and deep earthy brown. When blocked it can appear to those who can see it as dark and muddy.

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adventure travel

adventure travel

Earth Star Chakra Blockage

Since the Earth Star is our connection to the earth itself it can easily become blocked off when there is no intention to connect with the planet.

Acts that cause destruction and harm to the planet, such as littering, overconsuming its resources, causing harm to life on earth, and so on will lead to a tightly closed earth star chakra.

Think about yourself for a moment and consider whether or not you consciously make an effort to take care of the planet. Do you recycle? When possible do you choose to walk instead of drive? Do you reuse what you can or do you purchase everything new?

These are only a few examples of taking care of the planet and there are so many ways to live as an eco-friendly traveler in the time that you are here.

You can tell your chakra is blocked off because first and foremost you won’t feel a special connection to the earth. Other feelings or moments may present themselves when this chakra is in need of attention. These might look like healing ancestral patterns, need for stability, healing karma, getting to the “root” of why you are here, connection to the life force of Gaia, and wanting to balance the other chakras.

For More Information On The Earth Chakras Check-Out: The 7 Earth Chakras Where They Are And What They Mean For You.

Earth Star Chakra Opening Symptoms

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You will know your chakra is beginning to open when you feel stability in your life overall. Sometimes opening a chakra can feel intense, but with the earth star chakra, it will most likely feel calm, joyful, and heart-warming. Below is a list of several earth star chakra opening symptoms:

  • More visits from your guides, ancestors, faerie, and earth energy.
  • Stable and secure in human life.
  • Connected to life, all species and a deep love for nature.
  • Compassion for humanity.
  • Intentionally caring for the planet.
  • A feeling of balance in other chakras.
  • Love for your “roots” and your past.
  • Breathing with the earth.
  • Human and spiritual self are aligned.
  • Spiritual travel and transformational travel becomes the norm.
  • Eco-friendly is a concious choice.
  • You feel present.
  • You see the bigger picture.

Earth Star Chakra Activation

There are many ways for the earth star chakra activation to happen. Follow your intuition and what you feel the most pulled toward.

  • Create a earth star crystal grid in the shape of a merkaba.
  • Walk barefoot on the earth (concrete does not count!)
  • Create a grounding chord to connect your root chakra or feet to the earth and release stuck energy.
  • Meditation in nature, with trees or connecting with trees.
  • Accepting ALL feelings as they are and be ok with not being ok.
  • Learn to manage stress in a healthy way.
  • Set energetic and physical boundaries- and stick to them!

Earth Star Affirmation

Use these earth star chakra affirmations anytime you want to connect.

” I am loved by Mother Earth, she keeps me safe.”

“I am a part of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be.”

“I am open to receiving guidance.”

“I travel with the earth in mind.”

These are the absolute BEST chakra books to have on hand for anyone- beginner to advanced that wants to know more about the chakras.

adventure travel

adventure travel

adventure travel

Earth Star Chakra Meditation

travel spiritual

To start, find a spot in nature where you won’t be disturbed. You could rest with your spine against a tree or your feet rooted to the earth. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, exhaling through the mouth to release your day.

Sit up tall, reach your heart to the sky and imagine your tailbone and/or feet rooting down into the earth below. Allow your breathing to soften in and out of the nose.

Envision roots growing out of you or simply imagine what it would feel like to connect to the core of the earth. The intention is everything so don’t stress about “doing it right.”

As you see/feel these roots growing out of you notice what the connection feels like. Is there a color? Is it cool or warm? Light or dark? Does it feel smooth and easy? Is the connection stuck? Take your time and explore without judging what you find.

Continue breathing softly in and out through the nose. through the roots begin to release anything that feels heavy, any uncertainties. You can spend as much time as you like letting things travel down through the roots, out of your system, and into the core of the earth.

It may feel right to simply sit and enjoy the connection and breath. You may even find you feel the breath of this chakra, hear guidance from Gaia or your ancestors, or energy from your surroundings.

When you are ready to release thank the earth. Wiggle your fingers and slowly blink open your eyes.

Earth Star Crystal

  • Obsidian (for you to receive the guidance of the earth).
  • Merkaba Stars (means chariot of the light, use this stone to guide you toward what is rightfully yours).
  • Red Jasper (releases stress and negative energies. You can use this stone to ask the earth for what you need.)
  • Black Kyanite (always a great stone to ground in when needed.)

Below are the top-rated earth star chakra crystals for meditation on Amazon.

Have fun working toward balancing this chakra. It is such a gift to connect with and care for the planet on a deeper level and for any spiritual traveler something you can take everywhere you go!

This post was all about the earth star chakra.

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