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The 7 Earth Chakras: Where They Are And What They Mean For You

Earth Chakras

The Earth chakras correspond to different parts of the planet. These are powerful places to visit for any spiritual traveler.

If you’re planning a trip, it’s important to know where these are and what they mean for your well-being.

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This post is all about Earth Chakras

What Are The Chakras

The chakras are a complete energy system, and each chakra is connected to different organs in the body. By opening our own chakras we can also open ourselves up to new potentials that have been locked away within us. Opening your chakras makes you feel lighter, more aware of yourself and others around you, improves your intuition and allows for a greater flow of energy through your body.

The chakra system is located along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and going up to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, element, sense, and emotion.

The Earth’s Chakras

Every living being has chakras and energy points, so it only makes sense that the living breathing planet we reside on would have them as well.

The Earth chakras system is a beautiful map of the subtle energies that surround us. Some say it’s an energy grid, others call them vortexes or portals. They are said to be gateways between dimensions and universes, where one can find deep healing and transformation.

1. Root Chakra Location- Mt. Shasta, California

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The first chakra is called Muladhara or “root.” This chakra governs our sense of security and safety on the earth. It also regulates our basic needs like food, shelter, water, etc., so if this chakra is not in balance it can lead to famine or other natural disasters.

The root chakra location resides in Mt. Shasta, California. This is a highly spiritual and grounding place and many believe the volcano itself has the power within it to heal.

If you are feeling insecure, out of balance, or seem to notice many areas of your life that are “lacking” it could be time for a visit to the Muladhara Chakra location.

adventure travel

adventure travel

2. Sacral Chakra Location- Lake Titicaca, Peru

7 chakras of earth

The second chakra is called Svadhisthana or “sacral.” This chakra governs our creativity, sexuality, and emotions. It’s associated with the color orange and can indicate problems with these areas of our lives if it’s out of balance.

The Sacral Chakra can be found in Lake Titicaca, Peru. Just being around this energy can begin to shift the way you feel about life itself. Visiting this location can bring back the inner dance and excitement toward the way you approach life.

If you are feeling a lack of creativity or wish to bring back a feeling of pleasure in all areas of your life head to the Svadhisthana location.

3. Solar Plexus Location-Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock formations in Australia

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The third chakra is called Manipura or the “solar plexus.” It is located in the upper stomach area and is associated with the color yellow. Its element is fire, the sense is sight, and emotion is pride/ego. This chakra represents our personal power in life as well as our will to succeed. When it opens we are able to better manifest our goals and desires.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock formations in Australia. These two red rocks can be found in the desert of Australia about 18 miles away from each other.

Head to these magical manifestation rocks to get your power back. Visiting this location can help you remember your mission, ignite the fire within and leave you with a feeling of strength of purpose.

adventure travel

adventure travel

4. Heart Chakra Location- The HeartChakra is in Stonhenge, Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury, and Dorset

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The fourth chakra is called Anahata or the “heart.” It is located in the center of the chest and is associated with the color green. Its element is air, the sense is touch and emotion love/compassion. This chakra represents our heart, heartbreak, and balance. When this opens we are more capable of giving love to others as well as ourselves.

The heart chakra is in Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury, and Dorset. This place represents peace and unity and is well known throughout England.

When in need of true compassion for oneself or others, this can be a great place to head toward.

5. Throat Chakra Location- The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, Mt. Sinai and the Mount of Olives

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The fifth chakra is called Vishuddha or “The Throat.” It is located at the throat and is associated with the color blue. Its element is ether, the sense is hearing, and emotion communication/expression. This chakra represents our ability to communicate with others as well as to deeply to the world around us. When it is open we can communicate better with the world around us and express our gifts with pure authenticity.

The Throat Chakra is located in Jerusalem and Egypt. Specifically the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, Mt. Sinai, and the Mount of Olives. These places (if looked at on a map) would make a triangle if connected.

The Great Pyramid is one of the wonders of the world and holds an enormous amount of energy and history. It has been said that together they are the voice of the Earth or Mother Earth crying out.

When you feel yourself evolving into a new expression, need to speak your truth, or begin to hear the messages of your guides travel to one or all of these Throat Chakra locations.

6. Third Eye Chakra Location- Changes Location

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The brow (or third eye) chakra is called Ajna and is located between the eyebrows. It is associated with the color indigo/violet. Its element is the void, the sense is sight, and emotion intuition/insight. This chakra represents our sixth sense as well as the ability to see the big picture of the universe around us. When it opens we become more aware of ourselves and the world around us in addition to being able to tap into the subconscious for insight on making choices that are best for us.

The Third Eye Chakra is often called The Aeon Activation center and mysteriously moves about the planet. There is no fixed location for this chakra due to the rotation of Earth. It has been said that this chakra moves during the astrological phases which happen about every 2000 years. The location of the third eye has been spotted near the heart in Stonehenge and during the next astrological phase will move toward Brazil.

Travel inward when needing clarity or pack your bags and do your best to catch it when visiting the 4th chakra.

7. Crown Chakra Location- Kailash, Tibet

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The seventh chakra is called Sahasrara or “Crown Chakra” and is located at the top of your head. It is associated with the color violet/white rays. Its element is light, the sense is thought, and emotion spirituality. This chakra represents our connection to a higher power as well as our own divine nature. When it opens we are able to connect with our highest self, the divine, and receive guidance from the universe.

This chakra is located in Kailash, Tibet. The Himalayan Mountains are connected to higher consciousness and hold the most power of all the Earth Chakras locations.

To know all that is, all that was and all that will ever be take a spiritual travel journey to Tibet.

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Earth Star Chakra

The Earth star chakra is called Vasundhara, which translates to daughter of the Earth. It is an invisible chord that connects us to Mother Earth. It is located below our feet and about 8-12 inches down into the roots of the planet. The color is a deep majenta or brown.

This special chakra is with us always but can get cut off when we cut off our own connection to Mother Earth.

When needing to balance practice slowing down. Spend time walking barefoot in the dirt. Go hiking and appreciate the beauty around you. Release ancestral trauma and anxiety back to the earth to recycle for you.

Planetary Chakras

Going beyond the Earth chakras to the universe beyond can be quite fun to think about! If you love astrology or consider yourself to be a spiritual traveler you can learn quite a bit from the connection between the chakras and the planets.

Below is a list of the planetary chakras.

  • Root chakra – Planet Mars.
  • Sacral chakra – Planet Mercury.
  • Solar plexus chakra – Planet Jupiter.
  • Heart chakra – Planet Venus.
  • Throat chakra – Planet Saturn.
  • Third Eye chakra – Planet Sun.
  • Crown chakra – Planet Moon.

Knowing about the chakras and their meanings can be vital for the overall health and well-being of your body, mind, and soul. The Earth chakras can be vital for keeping this planet healthy, loved, and balanced while we are here.

I plan to visit the Earth chakras soon and will keep you posted on all my adventure travels.

This post was all about the Earth chakras.

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