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13 Pre Vacation Beauty Prep Best Practices

pre vacation beauty prep

It is always a good idea to do your pre vacation beauty prep ahead of time.

Beauty prep will look different for everyone and will depend on where you are headed and how much time you have to get ready.

You will also want to use this beauty travel checklist for bigger things like weddings, a honeymoon, or a bachelorette party. If you are headed to Idaho to visit your brother, you might not need a pre vacation beauty prep list, ya know?

Use the list below as a guideline for travel and add your own whenever needed.

This post is all about your pre vacation beauty prep checklist.

1. Brows.

How you shape your brows will be the telling factor in how far out you need to plan this.

If you microblade (I love mine!) then you need to make sure you plan ten full days ahead of time without sweating or being in the sun. Unless you are headed somewhere with no sun, like the North, you need to plan ahead of time.

Once you have your brows the way you like them, simply upkeep with some clear eyebrow gel or define them with a little extra color.

adventure travel

adventure travel

2. Hair

Plan to have your hair cut and colored before heading out for a fresh look. This can be done closer to your trip as long as you know and trust your stylist. You definitely don’t want to be dealing with a bad haircut right before you travel.

Once you are ready to head out be sure to pack your travel hair essentials (dry shampoo, hair masque, leave in conditioner etc.) for ultimate upkeep.

adventure travel

adventure travel

adventure travel

3. Self Tanner

Get a spray tan or use a self-tanner (remember to exfoliate before!). Again, don’t try a new place or product right before leaving.

Test it out a few weeks ahead of time and gradually work into your ultimate glow.

adventure travel

adventure travel

4. Hair Removal

If you are a laser hair removal babe, you should know the process requires you to steer clear of the sun.

Plan to do this during your winter months so you can spend your summertime feeling smooth and sexy.

If you wax, plan several days ahead. If you shave you can do it the day before or the day of.

Planning on packing a razer? Check out these recycled ocean plastic razers that also donate 25% of the proceeds to cleaning up the oceans and beaches.

adventure travel

5. Mani/Pedi

Always get a fresh mani/Pedi before you travel and I promise you won’t regret it. This is something you won’t want to think about during your trip and it helps a ton to make you feel you’re at your very best.

To upkeep while you are at your final destination bring one of these easy-to-pack manicure grooming sets.

adventure travel

6. Teeth Whitening

Head to the dentist a few weeks before for a teeth cleaning and whitening.

If you prefer to use the strips most of them require two times a day for 14 days straight. You can also add into your routine hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to naturally whiten.

If you are short on time, pack an overnight whitening pen. It is small and will get the job done.

adventure travel

adventure travel

7. Face Mask

Before, during, and after you travel use a face mask. Our skin needs daily attention to make it feel and look fresh and travel tends to cause a little more maintenance.

Summer Fridays has a great face mask called Jet Lag that is perfect for a quick pick me up while traveling.

For a deeper clean try Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel before and after travel and you will literally see the dead skin roll right off your face.

For an overnight pick me up use the Wedding Masque by Aveda and you will notice a massive difference in your face by morning. It smells amazing and keeps your face moisturized.

adventure travel

adventure travel

8. Lashes

Lash extensions can go a long way if that is your style. Don’t wait too long before your vacation as the longer you wear your lashes the more they tend to lose their volume.

adventure travel

9. Detox

A pre vacation cleanse is always a great idea. This gives you an opportunity to cut back on some of the things that can make our skin and body hold on to excess. Depending on where you are at with cleansing you can start anywhere from 3-7 days before your trip.

Looking for more info on how to pre vacation cleanse?

Check out the latest post: How To Pre Vacation Cleanse

10. Exfoliate

Exfoliate before you head out (especially if you’re headed to the beach!) as you will want your skin to look and feel soft.

Exfoliation will bring out your natural shine! It will also get scrub off all the travel energy you pick up in the airport, so bring some with you on your trip.

adventure travel

adventure travel

11. Hydrate

This should be more of a daily thing, but it is always good to drink extra water before you travel. It will help you detox, make your skin fresh and keep your energy in a great place.

Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing plastic!

adventure travel

12. Travel Makeup Essentials

Remember to bring your makeup, hair products, your travel makeup bag, and any other travel toiletries you might want.

These Harry Potter travel bags are super cute and very durable. You also might want a mirror for traveling, they tend to come in handy!

adventure travel

adventure travel

13. Travel Beauty Bag

These bags are truly life-changing. Before I was packing my toiletries in a plastic bag and my makeup in a regular makeup bag.

Nothing ever really fit and when I arrived everything was covered in soap or hard to find. Get a travel beauty bag in your favorite color and pack all your best travel beauty products.

adventure travel

Now that you have a list of pre vacation beauty prep tips you can ensure you check them off your list ahead of time.

Remember, to do what you can and don’t worry about what doesn’t get done in time. The point is to feel good and not stress, so have fun with this and enjoy your trip!

This post was all about the 13 Best Pre Vacation Beauty Prep Best Practices.

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