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Top 5 Best Gili Air Beach Experiences

If you love island life the Gili Islands are a must-see, especially Gili Air Beach. Below are the top-rated things to do on the island of Gili Air.

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There are three separate islands to choose from; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Each island has its own vibe. Gili-T is the party island. Gili Meno is known for having a very quiet atmosphere. Gili Air is a perfect blend between the two. 

If you’re staying in Lombok, Bali, or anywhere in Indonesia, you have probably heard of these three tropical paradise islands. Visiting Gili Air Beach was the perfect ending to our Bali vacation as it had literally everything we wanted.

In this post, you will learn all about Gili Air Beach, Gili Air hotel, things to do in Gili Air, Gili Air diving, the best Airbnb Gili Air, and taking the fast boat to Gili Air, Gili Air weather, Gili Air restaurants.

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This post is all about Gili Air Beach.

Fast Boat To Gili Air

You can get to Gili Air Beach from any of the Gili islands or from Lombok depending on where you are coming from. Plan to spend a few days here so you can truly sink in and relax.

Take either a fast boat to Gili Air Beach (quicker) or a public boat (cheaper) from the Bangsal Harbour and plan to leave before noon. If you must leave in the afternoon you may have to find a private charter boat to take you.

Always buy a ticket directly at the Bangsal Harbour for the best price! Once you arrive many locals will offer you the ticket for a cheaper price but that is rarely the case. 

Gili Air Hotel vs. Gili Air Airbnb

Gili Air Lombok is a small island but has plenty of options depending on where you like to stay. Plan your Airbnb or hotel before arriving on the island as the host of where you stay will pick you up once you arrive.

Transportation to your Gili Air hotel or Gili Air Airbnb are horses with a little carriage attached to them. The horses are very sweet, but It’s easy to feel bad for them standing in the sun and carting people’s luggage around all day. Regardless, it’s how the island is run and was a unique way to get transported to our hotel. 

The Tripadvisor top rated Gili Air hotel to stay in is the Pink Coco Gili Air. There is a gorgeous pool, an easy-to-see sunset on Gili Air Beach, and tons of five-star reviews. Plus it is very affordable, as are most of the places on the island.

The entire island is surrounded by clear water and white sand so choosing a place to stay will be easy. Bring your favorite swimsuits, sunhat, and cover-up for maximum rest and relaxation!

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gili air

gili air

If you prefer to stay in an Airbnb there is much to choose from depending on your price range. The island is small so don’t worry so much about where the location is as everything is pretty much within walking distance.

The Airbnb’s on Gili Air Lombok are mostly all private gorgeous villas with a pool and private staff. Check out the reviews beforehand and if you love taking photos be sure to get one that is a photographer’s playground. Most of them are!

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Things To Do Gili Air

There is plenty to do on Gili Air Lombok as it has a mixture of both the other two islands.

For more of a chill vibe head out for the day to snorkel or take a yoga class with SUP. Follow that up with a cooking class or live music on Gili Air Beach.

If you are looking for a unique experience while staying on Gili Air Lombok you could check out Gili Air diving, you will most likely see turtles and multi-colored fish!

If it’s your jam you can try the magic mushroom Bali experience (they are legal only on these islands, not on Bali itself), and end the day on Gili Air Beach watching the sun go down.

Post up at one of the fabulous restaurants on a bean bag and watch one of the scheduled movies playing that day.

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gili air

Gili Air Restaurants

Some of the absolute best food I have ever tried was at the Gili Air restaurants. It is colorful, flavorful, and very unique.

Mowie’s Gili Air is a great place to eat and watch the sun go down. Mama Pizza is the top-rated place if you’re looking for Italian, Kenza has incredibly tropical drinks and Pachamama is the best for vegan and vegetarian options.

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Gili Air Beach is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to relax, enjoy delicious food and the fresh ocean air.

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