15 Best Weight Loss Manifestation Techniques To Try This Summer

When you decide to try a weight loss manifestation technique you begin to truly understand that losing weight is not just a physical thing that happens, but also very much energetic.

We are more than just our physical self, so focusing only on how you look externally will leave you feeling incomplete.

On the flip side, you can meditate on change all you want but without taking action toward your goals you will see very few results.

I am someone who has tried it all. I have lost weight only to gain it back, yo-yo dieting, and read useless self-help books that didn’t give the results I wanted.

I have experienced both sides, meditation without action and action without any energetic components.

I can assure you that you absolutely need both.

In this post, you will learn weight loss manifestation, weight loss mantra, weight loss manifestation affirmations, and how to manifest weight loss.

This post is all about weight loss manifestation.

What is manifestation?

Let’s cover the basics of what it means to “manifest” something.

Manifestation is when you bring something that you can see, hear, touch, taste, or experience with your human senses by thinking, visualizing, feeling, and focusing on it ahead of time.

Whether you do this consciously or unconsciously is up to you.

Often we humans get into our head that manifesting is super hard when in reality we are doing it all day every day.

The problem that occurs is that we tend to create just as much resistance toward our desires as we are excited about the thing we want to manifest.

This is why “manifesting” can seem hard or slow.

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How To Manifest Weight Loss

1. Accept where you currently are.

To truly have a weight loss manifestation you need to accept where you are. This alone can make all the difference in the world.

Accepting who you are and where you are right now can cause you to release the resistance built up toward this topic. Only when you do that can you begin to move in a new direction.

The saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder really applies here. Every person and every body is beautiful and it all comes down to how you see yourself and others around you.

If you view weight as a negative thing, ask yourself where that might have come from?

There is a big difference between someone who is heavier set and incredibly happy with who they are and someone who is heavy, depressed, and drowning in self-sabotaging habits.

Oftentimes, accepting where you are has nothing to do with changing the external and everything to do with shifting our thoughts and feelings about our bodies.

On the other hand, sometimes the weight we are holding is a result of not taking care of ourselves properly.

You will know the difference based on how you feel.

How do you feel when you get dressed? Does your body feel at ease or do you have back pain and other aches in your body? How do you feel about your relationship with food? Exercise? and so on…

Accept where you are without settling for the way things are if you know you want and need to make some changes.

Pro tip: use a manifestation journal to track your progress and write out your desires.

weight loss manifestation

2. Dig into your desires.

Many of our desires to lose weight come from society and a belief placed upon us from an early age that we must have a certain look in order to feel good about our bodies.

It is a good idea to ask yourself, is this MY desire or is this coming from an outside source? Why do I desire this?

Weight gain usually occurs when there is an imbalance in energy. It can be painful to look into the real reasons why you are holding onto weight, but understanding these can help you address issues happening internally so that your physical form has an easier chance to make a shift.

I had gained weight after the passing of my father and I realized the weight I was holding was about my depression. My eating and drinking habits were excessive and I didn’t feel quite like myself.

I wanted to lose weight and fit back into my clothes, but more than that I wanted to release the trauma I was holding onto regarding my dad. I finally took a look at the deeper issue going on, the real reasons why I was overeating and drinking.

In doing this I was able to see deeper than just the surface of “I want to lose weight” and I was able to create better habits for myself which in turn helped me reach my goals.

3. Set goals.

Sometimes when we are learning how to manifest weight loss we set these crazy goals where we want/expect the weight to fall off fast. This is often what causes inconsistency and yoyo dieting.

How to manifest weight loss is something we seek to understand when we either want a quick result or we have tried to manifest this goal and it hasn’t worked.

Manifestation has SO much to do with energy.

So, think about your goals, if you set a small goal and you accomplish it, you will feel happy, and proud, it will give you the encouragement to keep going.

If you set a massive goal and you have no prior experience or understanding of how to get there it can make you feel terrible when you fail and feeling like crap does not help your body shed weight.

The more you stress the more the body panics and clings to the weight you are carrying.

Relax, breathe, set small goals you can accomplish, stay in your lane and get after it!

4. Visualize.

Have you ever heard that when we visualize our bodies cannot tell if it is really happening or not?

An amazing book on visualization that really dives into this topic is called Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

The very beginning talks about her own weight loss journey and how much seeing herself fit and healthy kept her going/sped up her weight loss manifestation.

Your mind is incredibly powerful.

What you focus on you tend to magnetize toward you.

Imagine the happy, vibrant version of yourself you want to see out and about in the world for a few minutes a day.

Allow your mind (when you feel good) to wander into your imagination station and see yourself moving easily about, living freely, capable of anything, open and ready- or whatever it is you desire.

See what comes up for you and remember to do this only when you are in a place of already feeling good.

If you don’t feel good, stop what you are doing or thinking (when possible as life happens and this is obviously not always possible) and do something else that brings you relief.

Pro tip: Read a book on manifesting to get your juices flowing!

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

5. Hire help.

Hire. A. Coach. I have one. Unless this is your area of expertise (and even experts have coaches) get someone to help you with your goals.

This can range from purchasing a fitness app (these are usually only a few dollars a month) to personal training sessions at the gym, to group coaching, to using Youtube, to hiring a transformative coach.

If you have tried and failed before it makes sense to not have to do it all on your own.

When you hire help you are putting WAY more power behind manifesting weight loss as it totally changes the energy of things.

It takes your “I kinda want change” or “I have no idea what to do” to “I have a plan and someone to help me get there.”

Which sounds more powerful to you?

6. Don’t rely on the scale.

The scale is not the way to weigh your progress. It can also totally ruin your mood when you feel amazing only to step on the scale and see that the number hasn’t changed.

In manifestation your mood is everything. If you can truly weigh yourself without your emotions getting involved then props to you! However, if you weigh yourself obsessively or get depressed afterward consider utilizing different options for a little while.

Track your progress using a measuring tape, before and after photos, and body fat composition scanners.

Most fitness gurus will tell you tracking is an absolute MUST. I agree and disagree. If tracking your progress makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t do it in the beginning.

Remember, the goal is to feel good, this is how manifesting works.

The only time I weigh myself is before starting a program so that I know exactly what my macros are and how much protein to eat throughout the day.

7. Have more fun.

This is a big one. The number one rule in manifestation is to feel good. Your future relies heavily on what your current vibration is.

Are you constantly complaining? Do you tend to victimize yourself in situations? Do you have excuses lined up or blame for why things are the way they are?

Adjust your attitude and have more fun. Be kinder to yourself and others. Enjoy the dang journey and let go of the final destination.

If you are miserable on your way to the thing you think will bring you joy then what is the point? Find a way to make losing weight fun and you will find it way easier to show up for yourself every day.

8. Get the right equipment.

Whatever program you choose to do or the way you decide to shed a layer or two, at some point, you will want to purchase the right equipment.

Cardio can be hard until you make a few investments. I got an Apple Watch so that I could play my music while I hiked and track my heart rate.

I purchased an adorable pink treadmill from Amazon for my living room (I now go to the gym so I sold my pink treadmill) so I could watch shows during cardio.

It was cheap, easy to fold up and put away, and helped me get the job done. A part of me honestly wishes I hadn’t sold it!

My new favorite way to get on the Stairmaster is to read fantasy books on my Kindle.

I actually look forward to doing cardio now where I used to dread it.

If you do not like working out you need to find a way to make it enjoyable.

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

9. Stay consistent.

Stay. The. Course.

This is one of the hardest things to grasp.

Gaining weight doesn’t happen overnight -although…sometimes it really feels like it!

Real weight gain happens gradually from overeating and drinking over an extended period of time.

The same thing goes for losing weight.

It takes more time to lose weight than we often realize and the process can feel laborious and stressful.

The thing is if you give up when you don’t see immediate results you are usually going to regret it.

Keep track of your measurements and you will see if you stick with it the inches falling off.

If I had an eye-rolling emoji to insert here, I would- Why is gaining weight so easy and losing weight so hard?

It is all a matter of perspective, really.

Our bodies and the life we live will teach us many lessons if we allow them to. Thank your body for taking you this far and appreciate the journey ahead.

You may find as you stay the course that the weight loss manifesting you are doing is actually enjoyable.

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

10. Drink more water.

This is a game-changer.

Drinking water flushes your entire system, helps you feel full, it decreases inflammation.

There are a gazillion reasons why we all need to be drinking more water but let’s just say for weight loss manifestation it definitely going to help you.

This might sound weird but I found I drink more water when I drink out of a straw. I cannot tell you why, but I do. The light blue Reduce Tumbler is the one I have and I am obsessed with it.

I also have one of those gallon water jugs at my house so I can track my progress, it is super helpful!

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

11. Use your words wisely.

Your words matter when it comes to manifesting. Talk less about where you are and where you have been. Talk more about where you are headed.

Weight loss manifestation affirmations will only work if you are already feeling good. Once you can bring yourself to a space of high vibrations fin

“I release what is no longer serving me”

“My cells are always renewing based on the information I feed them, I choose to feed myself vibrant/fresh thoughts and feelings.”

“I choose what I consume”

“I love listening to my body”

“I intuitively know what my body needs”

“I love myself and where I am currently at”

“I am grateful for all my body has done for me so far”

12. Dial in your nutrition.

You may not think that nutrition has much to do with weight loss manifestation, but it has everything to do with it. Often, the most simple adjustments have the largest impact.

Think about it this way, we have to eat and drink during the day so that we stay alive and healthy. So, if you do not feel good when you are eating or with what you are eating, rest assured that negative/guilty/low confidence energy is going to show up later on.

The same goes for drinking, you might feel great while you drink but how do you feel the next day? For how many days after are you trying to recalibrate your energy?

When you eat or drink stay present. If your goals are weight loss ask yourself if what you are consuming is helping you stay on track with your goals.

The other thing to look at besides what you eat is how you feel when you eat it.

If you feel fantastic about eating a cupcake and it is in alignment for you to do so, eat the cupcake!

If you feel like you shouldn’t, then eat it and feel guilty about it, then decide to either eat more because you have already failed or starve yourself because you shouldn’t have anymore…

…that is a whole spiral of negative emotions that can throw your present and future all out of whack.

Instead, take a breath, check in and use your intuitive eating skills to figure out if the what and the how of eating is in a good place.

If this is something you feel you don’t have control over or need a deeper look you can always check in with your doctor, a therapist, or an ED specialist.

Pro tip: Check out the books by The Medical Medium for a deeper understanding of the energy behind the foods we eat.

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

13. Surround yourself with people you admire.

When we are asking for change, the people and environment we spend most of our time with can be a big factor as to how fast we will manifest something, especially if the thing you want feels far away from your current reality.

For example, you see yourself running a 10K race in Los Angeles with six-pack abs and your sexy partner at the finish line cheering you on, but in “reality” you feel like you are 50lbs overweight, have never run a day in your life, live on the other side of the world and spend your evenings in front of the TV.

You can see how the two realities might feel as if they are worlds apart.

Before we dive into this there is one thing to know, ALWAYS trust your desires. They are there for a reason, so, even if your dream feels far good for you for dreaming it in the first place.

Begin surrounding yourself with the people who inspire you and in environments that support your vision.

Start by buying running shoes and going for daily walks, sign up for a beginner’s running group, read up on tips for running a 10k, look up races and flights in LA, etc.

The people and places you surround yourself with will either support the old version of you or the new version you are becoming.

14. Self-love.

When you want things to be different, especially your body, it can be hard to love yourself.

Do the best you can day by day to reach for a feeling that supports your goals instead of tears you down.

If you find that you are spiraling back into old patterns of speaking badly about your body, comparing yourself to others, or deciding that your results arent coming as fast as you want them to take a step back.

Ask yourself if you were your best friend saying or doing these things how would you respond?

Most likely it would be, “don’t say that about yourself, you are gorgeous babe!” or “I’ve already seen you change so much, don’t give up now!”

Can you do the same for yourself?

You are beautiful exactly as you are and at the EXACT weight, you are currently at.

Don’t hide or get down about your past, we all have one, just believe in yourself and continue forward like the bad b*tch you are.

Self-love can look like taking an extra day of rest when you really need it, a day at the spa for all your hard work, and a moment of appreciation on your way to the gym.

Add more of this into your daily routine and watch the magic unfold.

Pro tip: Light some candles and take a bubble bath/bath bomb with some Epsom salts and CBD oil, imagine releasing what no longer serves you into the water and allow yourself to soak up all the love.

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

weight loss manifestation

15. Trust.

The last little piece to weight loss manifestation is trust.

You have so many beautiful energies watching out for you.

Learn to trust that they not only hear your wants and needs but are diligently helping you get there in the fastest and most harmonious way possible.

Trust that by tapping into some of these manifestations for weight loss techniques you are already on your way toward whatever goals you might have.

Trust in yourself.

Trust in your body.

how to manifest weight loss

Take your time with this and remember to tune out the voices on the inside and outside that make you feel less than you are.

A true weight loss manifestation takes time and the one that sticks usually comes when you find happiness within.

This post is all about weight loss manifestation.

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