Dani West Ep. 22 – Your Vibes Attract Your Elephant Tribe

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Psychic medium, Dani West of Lionheart Liberation, opens up about metaphysics, going vegan, and how this path led her to become an activist for elephants around the world. This beautiful episode is full of witchy vibes, vampire stories in Romania, and the inspiration to travel far so you can stand up for the creatures you love.

Dani is an akashic records practitioner and psychic/medium. She is a life-long traveler and has used travel as a means of healing and growing. She loves to experience magic wherever she goes and is interested in cultures all over the world. Having been out of the country over 20 times to over 15 countries and 25 states she has barely made a dent in her travel bucket-list and aspires to travel and live abroad full time! She is a vegan activist and advocates for elephants. Her passion lies in helping animals all over the world to live better lives.

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