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How To Detox After Vacation

detox after drinking

A vacation can be a much needed time to let loose and indulge a little. For some, it is a time to indulge a lot!

Either way, it is your vacation and you should spend it exactly the way you want.

This post will show you how to detox after vacation so you can get back on track both physically and mentally.

I will never forget when I traveled to Santorini for the first time, my best friend stayed on her diet the entire time. I on the other hand indulged. A lot. The food there is just insane and I wanted to have the full experience.

It makes sense in some regard why she wanted to maintain her diet (she didn’t have to work as hard to get back on track upon returning home) but she also missed out on some delicious moments!

These are the best tips to get you back on track after your holiday so you can truly allow yourself to have it all.

In this post, you will learn how to detox after vacation, what to eat after vacation, how to reset your body after vacation, doing an alcohol detox after vacation, and how to combat feeling bloated after vacation.

adventure travel

This post is all about How To Detox After Vacation.

What To Eat After Vacation

Assuming you allow yourself to go out to eat, try street cuisine, and indulge to your heart’s desire, what to eat after vacation will be incredibly important.

Your food is your energy and the easiest way to spring back into your normal routine is to get back to eating whole foods. These are the best practices for what to eat post vaycay.

  • Limit your carb intake. Try cutting out white carbohydrates and starchy foods.
  • Avoid sugar. If you have a sweet tooth swap the sugar for monk fruit sweetener for a few weeks.
  • Cut out salty foods. These will make you bloated and hold on to extra weight.
  • Add extra fiber.
  • Eat smaller meals.
  • Try intermittent fasting to shed extra vacation weight quickly.
  • Foods that cleanse the liver: grapefruit, green tea, apples and avocado to name a few.
  • Take a probiotic, digestive enzyme or supplement that can help keep the belly healthy.

adventure travel

adventure travel

Remember, do not starve yourself after vacation. This can make things worse by messing with your metabolism.

Doing An Alcohol Detox After Vacation

Have you ever gone to a all inclusive wedding or bachelorette in Mexico and returned home feeling like you need a week of rest after your vacation?

It can be super fun to party but as you will quickly learn it is not something that benefits the body. Drinking more on vacation usually leads to eating more, sleeping more, and exercising less.

Try an alcohol detox after vacation (that means stop drinking for a bit when you return home) and add in a few of these extra cleansing tips:

  • Drink more green juice! This will cleanse the liver, kidney, and make your whole body reenergized.
  • Coffee enima. Yes. Many claim this to be the secret to detoxing.
  • Add in turmeric to your diet.
  • Drink dandelion tea.
  • Get in your vitamins and minerals!
  • Eat more foods that cleanse the liver.
  • Try a liver cleanse or extra liver detox. Below are the top-rated choices by thousands on Amazon and they work great!

adventure travel

adventure travel

How To Reset Your Body After Vacation

The post vacation blues are a real thing! We often push ourselves to exhaustion before we go on holiday and it feels so liberating not to have to answer to anyone or anything.

This is why post vacation depression can often happen upon returning home. We quickly go from feeling relaxed and free to bogged down with a million things waiting for us to take care of.

How to reset your body after vacation is a great question to ask yourself. Here are a few methods you can use to ensure you ease your way back in to your regular routine.

  • Fly in a day or two early. Give yourself time to get home and settle in. Avoid coming in late and having to get up and head straight to work the next day.
  • Keep some of the things you enjoyed on vacation in your routine. If you loved not being on your phone as much see if you can make the adjustement. Maybe you watched the sunset every evening. See how you can bring the vacation home with you.
  • Get back on your workout routine. It might be hard at first, but it will help a ton.
  • Get extra sleep. Even if you arent dealing with jet lag, travel can be exhausting. Allow yourself time to slow down and sleep in.
  • Self care. Take a bath, read a book, and chill out. Rememeber that the hustle and grind is what caused you to need a vacation so bad, is it really worth diving back in so quick?

adventure travel

adventure travel

How To Lose Weight After Vacation

This is a very researched topic on the internet, so just know if you went a little hard on vacation you’re not alone.

Use some of the tips outlined in this post to get you started and get back on a regular workout routine. It is always better to lose weight after vacation at a slower and more consistent pace than fast (which can cause yo yo dieting).

Try a 3-5 day detox and then return to eating a balanced diet with lots of whole foods and all three macros.

Make sure you get enough protein, drink a ton of water and lots of rest.

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Knowing how to detox after vacation is only one part of it, the other being that you actually take action.

Even a few days can make all the difference in helping you feel revived and totally ready to dive back in to your life at home.

Go easy on yourself and you will enjoy your post vacation detox that much more.

This post is all about how to detox after vacation.

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