5 Ways To Tell If You Are Living In A 3D Or 5th Dimension Frequency

5th dimension frequency

With everything happening at such a rapid pace on planet Earth it is important to know if you are living mostly in the 3d or a 5th dimension frequency. 

The 3d is considered our human world as we know it. Without acknowledging the fifth dimension frequency, life can feel incredibly heavy and hard to navigate.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to where you are!

Everyone will bounce back and forth between the two quite often in the beginning, but understanding these dimensions can make life a little easier to navigate. 

In this post you will learn the 5th dimension frequency, 3d 4d 5d, what is 5d, 5d consciousness, and the 5th dimension of consciousness.

This post is all about 5th dimension frequency.

3D 4D 5D Explained

In short, the third-dimensional reality is like living your human existence with very little awareness that we are more than our human bodies. Almost as if there is a veil covering our eyes so that only a little information comes in. 

The little information we receive is often the ideas placed upon us by society and those around us since we were young. This causes us to lead a life based around needing to have more, be more and do more in order to feel that we can succeed. 

On the flip side, the fifth dimension is a totally different experience. Here you have a life full of meaning and purpose. In 5d you are connected to the planet and feel excited knowing you are a soul having a human experience.

Living in a 5d consciousness is very different than the monkey mind and ego of the 3d. Here you make decisions from your higher self or mind, separation becomes an illusion and your unique gifts and abilities are available to you.

Think of 4d as a bridge to help you polish these gifts. 4d is like a spiritual school where we can learn how to tap into our energy, discover pieces of our purpose that have been missing, and evolve into a lighter being that takes on the 5th dimension frequency.

The 5th dimension of consciousness as compared to the third and fourth are like having two completely different minds. It can take some work and deconditioning, but once your mind begins to expand there really is no turning back!

Check out Living In A 5D Consciousness for a deeper dive into the fifth dimension.

5 Ways To Tell If You Are Living In A 3D Or 5th Dimension Frequency.

  1. How Does Your Physical Body Feel?

This will be a very big indicator as to where you are at in a day-to-day experience, as well as overall. If you feel heavy, sluggish, broken (and wishing your body worked the way you wanted it to), and sick there is still some work to be done on your 3d body. 

Oftentimes physical ailments show up when there is something off balance energetically. This is not a bad thing, your body is trying to communicate with you so that you can make changes. 

Now, this is not to say that once you are chilling in 5th dimension frequency you never experience physical pain, rather, you begin to see the pain as a gift and not a burden.

A 5d body usually feels at home to be in, at ease with its environment, and happy with the food and beverage that are put in it.

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Keep in mind, that the path from 3d to 5d is not linear. You may have a day where you feel fantastic and one where you feel like shit. It happens. Don’t beat up on yourself for where you are. Listen to what your body is telling you and move one step at a time in a direction that feels best to YOU. 

Tune out what the world around you says you need in order to fit in and trust yourself! You will create your own perfect version of a 5d body in no time! It’s all about how you feel- not how it looks. 

  1. Are You Creating Your Life The Way You Want It?

There can often be a lot of confusion in the third dimension. Not knowing what you want or how to get yourself to it can throw a whole bag of negative emotions in the mix.

It can feel really discouraging to want something for yourself and fall into a pattern where the creative (or manifestation) process feels like a chore instead of something fun.

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In 5d you truly enjoy creating life the way you want it. There is a lot less resistance around the things you desire and so they tend to manifest much more quickly. In this state of being you truly understand that it is all about the journey and not the destination. 

There is no ending to your story so you are never looking ahead. 

In the fifth dimension you love being the artist of your life all throughout its ups and downs because you don’t see it as right or wrong, but instead, a moment to dig in deeper and use the information presented to create something new.

  1. Do You Like Yourself?

The 3d can totally warp our minds and opinions about who we truly are and what we believe we deserve. 

If you asked yourself this question and didn’t immediately think of all the reasons you are a sexy badass boss bish, it’s ok.

In a world where we are told to look and act perfect (and perfection changes all the time) it’s no wonder we feel a little less than from time to time. If the world told you you were perfect just as you are there would be a lot fewer people buying items to make them fit the mold.

Just know, that your 5D self sees the real you. 

Truly. Not the you that needs to lose 10lbs or the you with skin that won’t stop breaking out, the real you. The beautiful and wonderful soul is doing its best to exist in a world that is constantly changing. 

Your fifth-dimensional self never leaves you and is always making sure you have a place to come back to when you finally tune out the opinions of others and tune in to your own unique and special gifts that make you who you are.

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  1. Do You Know Your Purpose?

Not knowing your purpose can leave you feeling abandoned, confused, and even at war with yourself from time to time. This can result in wanting to give up or being stressed out trying to do all of the things all of the time.  

Take a deep breath and relax. This is where 4D comes in handy. The bridge between 3 and 5d is where you get to use the tools that will help you get to know yourself a little better. 

These tools are different for everyone and will help you shift some of that confusing energy to a place of clarity. 

There is nothing quite like knowing you are in 5d than when you are totally clear on who you are and why the f*ck you came to planet Earth. 

  1. Do You Feel Connected To Both Your Human Self And Your Higher Self?

This is a big one. The goal isn’t to go from 3D to 5D and stay there. It is understanding that being human means having bad days. That you get to be both a human and a being of energy. 

When you are connected to both parts of yourself and everything in between you tend to find the third dimension a little more manageable. You stop trying to avoid negative experiences and instead you see them through a different lens. 

When you are truly in alignment it doesn’t matter if you are in 3D or 5D because you know it is all a part of the magnificent unfolding of you.

This post is all about 5th dimension frequency.

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