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5 Ways To Have A Transformational Life Through Travel

A transformational life is something that often comes from a desire to change the aspects of yourself that no longer serve you.

When you feel stuck or unsure of your next move it is often a good idea to travel. There is nothing quite like travel to create transformation.

It allows you to create brand new perspectives that otherwise remained hidden.

For those of you seeking change take this as your sign to book a trip, get out of your comfort zone and explore this insanely gorgeous planet.

In this post, you will learn how to have a transformational life, transformative travel, and transformative coaching.

This post is all about how to have a transformational life through travel.

1. Travel gets out of your routine

If you are looking to have a transformational life, one thing that could be holding you back is staying in the same routine.

Imagine going to the gym and always doing the exact same workout, eventually, your body will get used to the weight or movement and will need more in order to grow.

The same goes for life in general.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a fantastic book on this topic called Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself where he explains why it is so hard for humans to create real lasting change in life.

It all has to do with routine.

So, what does this have to do with travel?

Well, traveling somewhere new in itself is getting out of your routine and it can definitely have a positive effect on the brain and body if you have been living in a depressed state for some time.

If you have been feeling stuck in life and long for a transformational life experience try going somewhere you have never been before.

Take a trip for an extended amount of time (the longer the better!) and I can almost guarantee you will feel a shift.

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2. Travel gets out of your comfort zone

Traveling somewhere new will most likely push you out of your comfort zone.

When we are stuck in our comfort zone we grow at a much slower rate than when we are not afraid of getting uncomfortable.

Very few people are actually okay with the growing pains of discomfort.

If you travel further than the hotel you will most likely need to be okay with being uncomfortable, growing, learning, expanding.

When you travel and move away from the comfort zone of who you believe yourself to be you begin to change.

3. Immerse yourself in a new culture

The world is diverse and full of incredible people and new ways of doing things. Understanding a way of life from your lens only can cause you to keep that view very small.

Take a birds-eye view from a plane, the top of a mountain, or a new culture and you have brand new information downloaded into the very core of your being.

This is another reason why it is important to go further than your hotel. If you stay only within the Americanized parts of the place you are visiting you miss out on seeing the real heart of the place.

The culture of somewhere new will undoubtedly cause you to reframe what you think you thought you knew and ask deeper questions about your own history and beliefs.

4. Travel helps you meet new people

The cool thing about traveling is that you really get to see the mirror effect come into play. You attend to quickly discover the type of vibration you are putting out based on the interactions you find yourself having (or not having) with others.

Are you warm, inviting, and friendly? Do you ask questions to fellow travelers in an attempt to understand their story?

There is nothing that will help your life transform more than the people you choose to have in it. When the ones you love at home have stopped helping you grow it is time to make a shift.

Travel and see what your energy pulls in.

Remember, the cool thing about traveling is that you don’t have to be the same person you were back home if you don’t want to be.

5. Try transformative travel

To have a transformational life you must try transformative travel. This encompasses everything we have touched on so far.

Not only are you getting out of your routine, your comfort zone, and usually immersing yourself in a new culture- it helps you tap into your true inner power.

This type of travel makes you a stronger, more vulnerable person.

Transformational travel helps you crawl out of the cocoon and spread your wings.

6. Travel solo

If you are struggling to create change consider doing a solo journey.

There is nothing quite like long stretches of time in a beautiful location that will get you to open up and understand the depths of how you might be feeling.

If you live with people, work with people, live in a city, or are constantly on the go it can be incredibly hard to listen to your true self.

Solo travel helps you find your way back home. It creates a feeling of independence. It allows you the freedom of doing only what you want to do.

Do your research and find a place that is both freeing and safe.

Connect with nature.

Put yourself first and see how it feels.

7. Give back while you’re gone

Find ways to give back when you are out in the world.

Giving back gives perspective into the lives of others and often you might find that the problems you have been focused on are not as bad as you originally thought.

When you feel stuck or that the universe is not giving you the life you deserve remember to shift the energy by giving more to those around you.

It is true, the more you give the more you get.

Of course, we do not do it for that reason, but you might be surprised how the energy of giving can release blockages within.

Be kind to people at the airport, relax and let someone pass when stuck in crazy traffic, hold the door, and have a conversation.

There are both big and small ways to give back, especially when traveling.

These are just a few ways that you can create a transformational life while traveling. Experiment with a few of these or create your own.

Traveling in itself will transform your life, so, don’t hold back!

Get out in the world and allow the shifting to begin.

For those who love transformative travel check out this free guide to help you become a transformational traveler!!!

This post is all about how to have a transformational life.

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